Category: Insurance Tip

Jul 13, 2017
When insuring your car, the cost could rise due to the optional extras fitted to the vehicle

For example, laser headlights could cost up to £5000 for insurance companies to repair. Whereas regular LED lights will cost around £2000 to fix. It could see drivers having to list every optional extra in their car in the future.

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Jul 04, 2017
Your job title can affect the cost of your car insurance believe it or not

Obviously, you should put a legitimate title down but choose carefully. For example, describing yourself as a chef could reveal a larger quote than if you had said you were kitchen staff.

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Jul 03, 2017
Don’t auto-renew your policy before making some price comparisons

If your insurance is coming up for renewal remember to shop around for a better price first. Even ask your current insurer to match or beat the cheapest quote. Otherwise, you could end up paying out a large chunk extra by auto-renewing.

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